3 Roles Every Web Design Entrepreneur Must Master

Jun 27, 2024

In this episode of the Subscription Web Design Podcast, we explore how to approach web design like a ‘choose your own adventure’ game. This insightful discussion will delve into the critical roles a business owner must play: technician, manager, and owner. We’ll touch on the teachings of Michael Gerber’s ‘The E Myth Revisited,’ emphasizing the need for intentional decision-making and strategic business management. You’ll learn how to balance these roles, avoid common pitfalls, and structure your business for growth and profitability. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or aspiring business owner, this episode will provide you with valuable strategies to make your web design business thrive.

00:00 Introduction to Subscription Web Design Podcast
00:05 The Choose Your Own Adventure Approach to Web Design
01:15 The Importance of Reading ‘The E Myth Revisited’
02:26 Understanding the Three Roles in Your Business
04:48 Applying the Three Roles to Web Design
07:46 Balancing Your Time Across Roles
08:38 Deciding Your Long-Term Role in the Business
11:21 The Impact of Your Role on Pricing
12:46 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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