All about dem basics

Dec 4, 2023

Happy Monday!

Today, I’ll be beating a drum you’ve heard me beat before.

But I hope you listen – it’s a particularly important drumbeat.

Last week, a friend of mine who is unfortunately really struggling in his business came to me with yet another grand idea he was going to try to drum up some business.

Another hack.

Another “thing I heard from a guy somewhere.”

Another “what’s working now for someone else.”

It is my contention that your chances of winning with a mindset like that is about the same as winning the lottery. Just ain’t gonna happen.

If you are not executing on the basics well, you will not grow.

The math is simple, really. In any domain, there is a baseline level of discipline and expertise it takes. I’m a drummer, and long before I was learning complex drum fills and kick patterns, I was learning basic rudiments like singles and doubles.

I learned a basic “rock beat” – bass, snare, bass, snare, with eighth notes on the hi-hats – before I ever attempted “the cool stuff.”

Music is a great example of this in action, btw.

Listen closely to some of your favorite musicians and notice how even the most basic stuff sounds so clean, precise, and skillful.

You can always revert to basics.


On Saturday I watched UFC Austin. Clay Guida—one of the greats—was fighting. He is 41 years old and looked incredible out there.

Now—he lost the fight. But it was a clean fight. And he didn’t stop moving forward til the end. He is a voracious executor of the basics. Nothing flashy. A slow ride to the top. But he’s in the Hall of Fame, has a raving fanbase, and is still consistent even at his age in the fight game, consistently fighting opponents a decade (or sometimes almost TWO decades) younger than him.

So, I present to you the basics:

  • If local, join Chamber and networking groups (yes it’s uncomfortable, but you have to be where the business is being done – in the marketplace)
  • If doing business primarily online and/or in a niche, create content, build an email list, and email the list with offers as often as possible
  • Build a habit of maintaining regular contact with your current clients, asking them for referrals, and continually updating them with new offers

Get the basics rolling to start generating business.

THEN – and only then – you should start looking at tactics to grow.

Still more:

I want to clear one thing up. Subscription Web Design is neither a basic or a hack. If you are looking for SWD to be your savior and be the thing that finally gets you all the clients you’d ever hoped for, this is the wrong thing. You need another program that teaches you how to build lead-generating systems, convert clients, etc.

Sure – we touch on those things. And we cover them in great specificity on our member calls when it makes sense.

But SWD is primarily about building a business model that breaks you free from the feast or famine.

It’s about looking at your business as a tool for long-term sustainability for your family and/or to meet whatever goals you have.

You still have to execute on the basics of building a web design business, even with this model.

But if building a sustainable long-term business with predictable income is the thing you wanna do, you’re in the right place.

Here’s the link: