Beware, ye mateys, of rented land (plus a very serious special request)

Nov 1, 2023

There be pirates.

For real, though: Take this lesson to heart.

In the Bible, the wise man builds his house upon the rock, and the foolish man builds his house upon the sand.

If such a parable were given today, it might be said that the wise man builds his house upon land he owns while the foolish man builds his house upon land he merely rents.

I started a new YouTube channel the other day, just for fun, and for an experiment. I didn’t really even tell anybody about it.

Pretty quickly that bad boy reached 25 subscribers! I thought that was pretty cool for a new channel nobody hardly even knew about it.

…until Google SNATCHED it out of my grubby paws.

Yep, the random “Dear John” email from Google…

“We’re sorry to inform you, blah blah blah… I’m sure this is disappointing, blah blah blah… but we deleted your channel, not telling you why, and you can’t have it back.”

Horror of horrors! Can you imagine this happening to a channel with hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of subscribers, watch time hour, etc?!


(I appealed the decision and DID get my channel back. But I truly wasn’t expecting to, and many others haven’t been so lucky.)

There’s a lesson in this for you, of course, that should be obvious. But really this is a lesson in sales, too.

Many of you are using platforms like WordPress, and today (maybe more than ever), there’s a great case to be made for self-hosted platforms like it.

Make sure your clients know, if you find them asking why a Facebook page isn’t good enough or why they can’t just go build a Wix website themselves, the dangers of such folly.

That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Now let me ask you a question: Want to spread a little cheer as we move into the holiday season? (I’m so ready for Halloween to be over with, lol.)

My pal (and basically, neighbor) Stephanie Hudson, whom some of you pay know from the Divi Chat podcast, among other things, is very sick right now. She is on the mend, but there were apparently three separate times in the past month or so that we almost lost her due to a terrible health condition.

And as you can see from the link below, her medical bills have been significant.

A GoFundMe has been set up for her.

I donated, and if you have been blessed financially and are able to give anything at all, it would mean so much to me.

Here’s the link where you can make that happen:

Donate to Stephanie’s Medical Fund

Let’s show her our support 🙂 And if you can’t give, of course, prayers, good vibes, or whatever it is you do would no doubt be appreciated.