Days Like Yesterday

Dec 13, 2023

I live for days like yesterday.

I got almost nothing done.

I was on the phone most of the day. I had to take kids to school, pick them up, then take them back for basketball practice.

While there, I was at least able to check my email.

I did a little bit of writing in the morning and had a great call with one of our newest members. But that’s all I had to show for a 9-hour day of work.

And I’m not mad about it. No, I’m grateful for it.


Because days like yesterday weren’t possible before building a business that allows me lifestyle freedom.

Days like yesterday weren’t possible when I was cooped up in a cubicle doing work I hated for 8 hours a day with an hour long commute each way.

Days like yesterday weren’t possible when somebody ELSE got to dictate what my days were like.

Most days are quite productive and I get a lot done.

Not yesterday.

And it’s ok, because it is the kind of day I always wished I could have. Why should I be frustrated now?

They don’t come often—and that’s probably a good thing.

But five years ago, I would have given anything for a day like yesterday.


I live for days like yesterday.

Let me help you create some yesterdays:

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