I Hope I’m Not Your Guru

Nov 2, 2023

Hey friends!

I hope this week has been awesome for you so far and you’re getting stuff done. It’s the home stretch. You got this! Let’s go!

Now, let me start off by saying this is not “Yet Another Guru Demonization” email. If I didn’t believe in learning from people—call em gurus, if’n you must—on the internet, I wouldn’t be in the education business nor would I be primarily in the business of learning management/membership sites (my agency’s main gig).

The problem is that learning alone does not go far enough.

There are a lot of things I know to do. There are a few things I even know how to do.

But guess what, if I don’t do them… they don’t get done 😛

So I’d rather you think of me as your guide than your guru.

Here’s why.

You don’t have to listen to a guru.

If you don’t do what a guru says, you might miss out on some “enlightened” path you were supposed to take in life, but in all likelihood, things will work out just fine.

But a guide:

  • Has walked the trail many times
  • Has successfully led others down the trail
  • Knows where the exact dangers are
  • Can guide you even when the path ahead is foggy, dark, or unclear
  • Is usually revered among fellow travelers

You can ignore a guru, but you can’t ignore a guide.

If you ignore the guide, you risk falling off the side of the mountain. And that’s no fun.

In a perfect world, you’d read every email, watch or listen to every podcast, take my courses, join my coaching calls, and radically implement based on what you hear. Like, you’d block off time on your calendar to DO the thing. Or at least think about it.

Guides > Gurus. My commitment to you is to do my very best to be a lot more guide than guru, because I don’t want to fail you.

Blatantly cheesy segue into a sales pitch incoming:

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You don’t deserve to ride the feast or famine rollercoaster.

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