The “Skill” No One is Telling You About

Nov 8, 2023

Yesterday I was reading a paid marketing newsletter that I receive by mail every month.

The writer is a rather ghoulish figure named Ben Settle with a fairly interesting personality, and the concept he was teaching on is the idea of “otherworldliness.”

It opened with a cool quote from the lead singer of heavy metal band Motörhead:

People don’t want to see the guy next door on stage; they want to see a being from another planet.

That depends, of course, on who you are.

While there’s definitely truth to that, I think the more “human” and “relatable” you come across, the better in many cases.

I digress.

As I was reading, I noticed something about how Ben was teaching that this concept be implemented. He didn’t even outright say it. You could just feel it in his writing. This concept of “otherworldliness” was not something that I was going to be able to just sit down and apply.

I would have to learn it by simply absorbing it and remembering, while I’m writing or putting together podcast episodes, that it’s something I need to consider.

That’s when I put my finger on it—the hidden skill almost nobody talks about is osmosis.

(Anyone ELSE thinking of the little bearded blue dude? Just me?)

Osmosis is “the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc.” according to the interwebs.

You literally become transformed from the inside out, the more you consume and put into practice. It’s not always about “massive action” (a common marketing buzzword), but more about “consistent” action (a far less common marketing buzz word, due to its inherent unsexiness).

So the more you consistently apply your regular diet of information, the more you learn by osmosis and you become transformed by the process.

Pretty cool science lesson, right?

Anyway, the cool thing is, the more you’re exposed to certain ideas, the more the osmosis takes a hold.

That’s why I’m repetitive sometimes. It’s not necessarily more information you need. It’s more exposure to good information that has been curated and vetted by someone in the trenches.

You’ll get some good osmosis by listening to the Subscription Web Design Podcast. I really try to give you some tactical information there that you can start applying immediately.

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