This game ain’t one size fits all…

Nov 1, 2023

Writes Jim Schleckser:

The single most important job any CEO of a growing company can perform is identifying the constraints that are keeping the organization from sprinting forward in the right direction and then allocating as much of their time as needed to remove them, thus freeing up space for the organization to perform more effectively. Using the garden hose analogy, our Lazy CEO will notice the dribble of water, find the kink in the hose, untangle it, promptly hand the hose back to someone in the organization, make sure the system won’t allow another kink at that place, and eventually head back to their lounge chair. After all, you can’t harvest the fruits of your labor if your garden dies from a lack of water.

This book — The Lazy CEO — is easily one of the most fascinating I’ve read in a long time.

It’s quick, to the point, no fluff, and digs in deep on the strategies you need to do to leverage your talents as the CEO in the organization and leave “the work” to those who are best at it.

And guess what? He talks about my favorite thing EVER in the book…

Recurring revenue.

And more to the point, he digs into the FIVE different kinds of recurring revenue that any business should tap into.

But no worries, I’ve taken care of spelling those out for you in the latest episode of the Subscription Web Design Podcast.

It’s available on YouTube right now: Click here to watch it.

Go take a watch or a listen and leave a comment to let me know which kind of recurring revenue you are going to build into your business.

Gotta start somewhere.


I had a FANTASTIC interview with a guy you all are going to love yesterday. He’ll be next week’s podcast interview, and let me tell you… if you are trying to build a “niche recurring web design business” that hyper-targets an industry with a templated site and a low rate… you will get a slam dunk load of value.

And we’ll be getting together to talk more in the future too. So stay turned for all that.

And finally:

Don’t stay on the fence about the future of your business.

If you’re ready to build your subscription offering and start getting clients for it (and get off the stinkin’ feast or famine rollercoaster already), here’s where to join: