Unlock the Secrets of White Labeling with FocusWP’s Stephanie Hudson!

Jul 5, 2024

In this episode of the Subscription Web Design Podcast, we have a deep and engaging conversation with Stephanie Hudson, co-founder of FocusWP, and explore the world of white label services. Discover how white labeling can benefit agency owners and freelancers by freeing up time and enhancing business offerings. Learn from Stephanie’s unique approach to subscription web design through ‘website leasing.’ Additionally, we discuss subscription-based design models, with insights from DesignJoy’s high-cost, low-interaction formula, and the evolving impact of AI on web development. Tune in for practical advice and innovative strategies to help you stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of web design and development.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome
00:41 Defining White Label Services
01:28 Focus WP: Who We Serve
02:46 Understanding White Label Work
03:51 Challenges and Benefits of White Labeling
06:09 Business Principles for Web Designers
09:21 Starting Focus WP: The Origin Story
12:46 Expanding Services and Team Dynamics
17:20 The Importance of Delegation
35:46 Becoming a White Label Partner
51:00 Generalist Budget Version
51:45 Marketing and Niche Websites
53:08 White Label Relationships
53:37 Rebranding and Business Structure
55:38 Subscription vs. Lease Model
56:10 Recurring Revenue Strategies
01:19:58 AI and the Future of Web Design
01:28:34 FocusWP Services and Conclusion

Bonus Link: https://focuswp.co/swd2024/

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