“Watch and Learn” Secrets

Dec 5, 2023

I’ll never forget the day everything I thought I knew about marketing changed.

It was probably 2018 or 2019, sitting in my cubicle at work. The lights were blaring overhead, sounds of office chatter filled the air, and my boss was sitting in his office minding his own. I spent my days figuring out how to leave as soon as possible. I was looking for anything I could to move the needle in my business far enough to make the exit.

Now the exit came years later.

But I’m grateful I had the opportunity to learn while not under the pressure of having the bills paid! That was a great blessing.

I remembered seeing ads for what looked to be a 12 year old kid with incredible hair (I’m balding, so don’t judge).

Thing is, the word “expert” was plastered all over these ads and he was literally sitting in between late-night internet marketing legend Dean Graziosi and larger-than-life personal development legend Tony Robbins.

My interest had been piqued for a while.

Even though I didn’t know who he was or what he did, the name Russell Brunson was already seared into my consciousness.

I gave in.

“Ok, I’m not clicking on the ad,” I told myself with a puffy chest. “But I’ll see what he’s got on YouTube.”

The first video I came across was this one. And I spent the next hour and a half of my life in a trance listening to what he had to say and watching when he could.

Doubt I got much work done.

I later learned I was not the only one entranced. He set a stage sales record that day, at just over 3 Million dollars in a crowd of 9,000.

I knew that nothing would be the same going forward. When it came to business, my life would be entirely changed. And it has been. Btw, the “expert” book they were promoting is on sale for $2.99 on Kindle right now. I highly recommend you grab it. If you need a testimonial, I’ve read it 9 times now. So yeah.

The point:

One of the things he said during that talk, which he claims to have learned from the great Tony Robbins, is to model others who are successful.

And one of the things Russell always points out is to not only read his books, watch his videos, etc. It’s to watch what he’s actually doing.

Write this one down, it’s important:

Experienced marketers and businesspeople learn just as much (if not more) from what their peers do than what their peers tell them to do.

Watch how the people (like me, frankly) interact with you.

Now maybe there are things you both like and dislike. That’s fine. You make it your own. But just remember there is a lesson to be learned from every interaction that goes beyond the subject of the interaction itself.

That level of awareness is key to having the success you want to see in business.

So watch and learn. Model and make it your own.

If it weren’t for learning from and through Russell, I wouldn’t be a marketing and copywriting nerd like I am today. The skills I’ve learned from his work are simply invaluable.

I invite you to check it out for yourself: http://subscriptionwebdesign.com/expert

(Yes, that’s an affiliate link. It’ll get me about 1/4 of a coffee if you use that 🙂 Much appreciated.)