What are you expecting?

Nov 1, 2023

Your mind is the ultimate battlefield.

More victories are won or lost in the mind than will ever be won or lost while you’re actually “playing” the game.

When you start something new, are you expecting it to work? Or are you expecting it to fail?

In order for something to work, it needs a few things:

  1. Commitment to the process
  2. Quality execution
  3. Consistent execution
  4. Undying belief of success

That last one is important.

I make it a point to never start a new initiative with the expectation that it isn’t going to work. Put another way, there ain’t nobody who believes in what I do more than me.

“Steve,” you say, “that’s the height of pride and arrogance.”


I never said it would only happen because I make it happen, I don’t believe I’m God’s gift to the world, and I certainly don’t think I can pull things off by myself.

Think about it this way, though:

If I don’t believe in it, how will anyone else?

Here’s another thing: People can “just feel it” when you don’t believe in it. This is why I say that honesty and confidence are two of the most important attitudes in sales.

Nothing makes a client’s BS radar beep faster than someone who doesn’t even believe in their own product or service.

So, brass tacks.

What are you working on this week? Do you believe in it? Do you believe it’s going to work? Are you expecting it to work?


I’m also not demonizing failure nor am I suggesting “wishful thinking.”

Please, if you don’t believe in it, don’t do it! Like I said—people can tell. You’ll give off a vibe then can just sense. Trust me.

And failure is not all bad. We can learn from failure. It’s hard to get to a yes before first hearing a no—perhaps many no’s.

But you shouldn’t expect it in my opinion. You expect success. A win. A gold medal.

I’m a huge MMA/UFC fan. A lot of the fights are milquetoast. Most of them are good. Some of them are incredible and dominating.

And in their rare moments when someone is just dominating their opponent, there’s something distinct about their attitude. They literally don’t think they can lose. It’s not determination to win. It’s not even that failure isn’t an option. It’s more than that.

It’s that there is no possible world in which they are going to lose.

That’s the kind of determination and expectation you need.

We’re headed straight into the holiday season. This is a slower time for web designers, but this is when you need to be thinking about new initiatives and putting things in motion.

This is when you need to have the mindset of winning. This is when you either fall behind or pull ahead.

Let me help you: