Why I purposely make “boring” YouTube videos… (and what you can learn)

Nov 9, 2023

In a world where every video has 730 jump cuts, my videos are primarily talking head.

The microphone even covers my face a little bit (which apparently annoys some people).

Most video “professionals” would have a heyday critiquing my channel — at least I have a halfway decent background, but that’s about it.

Thing is, this is not an accident.

I do this on purpose.

And my reasons for doing so, I hope, will give you permission to do whatever it is YOU are holding back on. We’re all holding back on something.

So, here goes.

Reason 1 — Otherworldliness

I hinted at this concept that I’m learning from Ben Settle in my last email. To be honest, I didn’t know I was doing this, but now that I have this concept in my tool belt, it’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

I stand out right now — and people have said as much — in part because of my video presentation.

People have thanked me for being real, genuine, and authentic.

Now—I try to be those things, for sure, but I don’t think these comments are just a personality thing. I think the videos themselves come across as being real and down to earth, when everyone else’s look overproduced and fabricated.

Not everyone will agree. But the people in my tribe, for the most part, will.

Reason 2 – Preference

Personally, those videos with 730 jump cuts annoy the snot out of me!

I hate watching them. And I don’t want to create something I would hate watching. I love videos where I can follow along with what the person is doing and catch the flow of conversation.

When the conversation is interrupted by jump cuts, I get annoyed.

Now I know there’s a balance. In business, sometimes, you have to do things the consumer’s way.

But in my experience, I’ve never regretted staying true to myself and taking what I felt was the right path. Your gut matters.

You don’t have to be on YouTube Shorts or Facebook Reels just because everyone and their 5th cousin is too.

Here’s a hot take:

I think writers have a tremendous opportunity right now.

Obviously, short form video is not a fad. It’s hear to stay for a long time.

But sometimes people want thoughtful, written communication. The writers, ultimately, are the ones who change society over time. They are thinkers. Their ideas are the ones that last.

So if you’re a writer thinking you can’t market or communicate in today’s business landscape, I want to challenge that assumption!

Writing on Twitter and LinkedIn is working for many of my colleagues right now. It’s worth a shot!

The lesson of all this:

Don’t be held back by what OTHER people think you should do.

This is your life and your business. You make the call. Show up in the most genuine and honest way for YOU – and you will see success.

The fastest way to failure is not being yourself. You’ll lose every time, in more ways than one.

Of course, what we’re really talking about here is marketing.

And as you might imagine, marketing ideas come up a LOT in our member calls. There are some in the success path, but the real gold nuggets are found in the conversations we have.

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