You’ve GOT to watch this video…

Nov 3, 2023

Ok — for real, yesterday’s episode of the Subscription Web Design Podcast with Adam McLaughlin was on fire! 🔥

Go grab a coffee, pull out your notepad, and really watch this one. It will change your life if you do what Adam says.

After watching it, I’m SUPER excited about trying his model out sometime in the future.

Here’s just some of what we covered in detail:

  • Why niching down isn’t “all or nothing” and doesn’t have to be stressful
  • The EXACT blueprint (it’s not clickbait) you can use to take your business to 40K per MONTH in recurring revenue 🤯
  • A “hardcore” strategy (which most people simply WILL NOT do) to find their perfect target client… but those who do will be able to capitalize BIG TIME
  • The nitty gritty details on how to structure your business model
  • How to build a website that pays you for AT LEAST 24 months but only spend 4 hours building it…
  • …and way more!

And, bonus—Adam was extremely kind and generous to give my audience a 25% discount on signing up for his course, which you can find at Just use code STEVE to get your hands on that discount.

If you’re wondering, yes, technically Adam is my “competition.” So why allow him to promote his course?

Simple—it might be the best thing for you, and that’s what I want! Adam essentially “laser-focuses” in on just one of the recurring revenue models I teach, and goes super in depth.

So if you find that model to be intriguing, I WANT you to take his course and learn from him! There’s plenty of room for all of us, and as long as YOU—our students—win, everybody wins.

Ok, enough blabbin’.

Go check out the interview right now.