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The 3TA Email Planner is a comprehensive tool developed to help both business owners and their clients streamline their email marketing strategies. Initially designed to facilitate email content collection from clients, it’s versatile enough to be used independently or in tandem with AI technologies.

The 3TA stands for “Tip, Tip, Tip, Ask” as well as “Topic, Tell, Takeaway, Action”. The first three steps, i.e., “Tip, Tip, Tip,” focus on building rapport and establishing value for your email recipients, before the fourth step, “Ask,” which is a direct call-to-action.

The second interpretation, “Topic, Tell, Takeaway, Action,” provides a framework to flesh out the content of the email. The “Topic” denotes the general subject matter. “Tell” is the core information to be communicated, while “Takeaway” encapsulates the main point to be remembered. Finally, “Action” is the step you want your reader to take.

“Action” can be further broken down into “Acclimation Actions” or “Activation/Ascension Actions”. Acclimation Actions help get your audience used to following your directions, while Activation Actions are direct calls to action like purchasing a product. Ascension Actions, on the other hand, imply a stronger level of commitment or buying intent from the reader, like signing up for a webinar or downloading a white paper.

This tool helps in preplanning an email marketing strategy and can be an essential part of client interaction. It also makes it easier for the AI to generate emails based on the given information, saving you from the daunting task of facing a blank page. All in all, the 3TA Email Planner helps provide a quicker, more efficient way to plan your email marketing strategy.