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The dynamic pricing sheet provides a framework to determine realistic and profitable pricing for subscription web design projects based on costs, profit margins, and package options. The calculations help gauge the impact of different variables and options to optimize pricing.

• This is a dynamic pricing sheet that helps determine pricing for subscription web design projects.

• It calculates the value of clients based on the packages they choose, monthly add-ons, one time fees, and profitability.

• It tracks how long it will take to become profitable on a project based on expenses like contractors and software costs.

• Back office packages can be added to charge clients for miscellaneous tasks like setting up email marketing or e-commerce.

• An effective hourly rate is calculated to determine how much profit is actually being made after team expenses.

• Setup fees can be added to projects to help boost profitability and cover costs earlier.

• The calculations are done automatically across all the different packages to see how pricing would change.

• I recommend erring on the side of charging more to ensure profitability and scale the business.